How To Create “Viral” Content, Can We?

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

My first “viral” post happened on LinkedIn, about a year ago, when it garnered 63,000+ views.

It was a simple post, in which, I shared my views on the latest news story, nothing fancy!

To date, I have no clue how and why it went viral on my LinkedIn.

Probably because there is no reason behind it since “virality” is just a vanity-metric.

So, you can neither know its Why, How and When, nor use them for future predictions.

Yet, the web is filled with pages trying to teach you “How to write a viral post.

Well, if they knew how to do that they would have been smashing the internet by now.

Most of them are just click-bait headlines to capture your attention.

Moreover, many people believe that a single piece of viral content can help them achieve tremendous results across the social network and beyond. But, that’s not the case.

Virality brings attention with it but also takes it away with the same speed.

There’s only one sure-shot way of achieving and maintaining results on social media, and that’s consistency NOT virality.

“You’ve got to be consistent.”

Whilst there are many ways to build a good piece of content that “could” go viral, there’s certainly NO sure-shot method of achieving it.

This microblog is a reminder for people to stop scrutinizing themselves for creating a viral post in a month or two because that’s like following a shadow in dark.



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