Here’s Why Things Seem Tougher Towards the End

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Today marks the 24th day of my self-devised, 30-day writing challenge on Medium.

I was ecstatic in the beginning but not anymore, the excitement is fading!

Not that I lost interest in writing, but, it has started to feel more like a forced task rather than a choice.

You must be wondering, it’s nothing new, happens to everybody, isn’t it?

But why?

This got me thinking and I started analyzing these 24 days, the phases I went through, the changes, the thoughts, all of them.

After some intense retrospection, it all boiled down to 2 main reasons for me, here’s what I learned:

  1. Getting Bored

This is the first stage our brain enters after the initial ecstatic phase. We start getting bored of the routine towards the mid-duration of a task. It’s a proven fact that humans have an attention span shorter than a goldfish at just eight seconds.

So, we always scout for something new to hold on to our attention, however, doing the same task for a longer time, challenges that newness.

Hence, we need to find an element of newness to avoid getting bored of our task and in this case, topics, the writing style, could serve as that newness.

You could avoid writing in a niche for some time, instead, try writing about a topic that’s new and exciting to you. Play with your writing genre, have fun discovering new topics.

Moreover, try to alter your writing style a bit, for example, if you’ve been writing only longer articles then try to write shorter articles for a while.

These are some tricks that could help avoid us from getting bored.

Try to find out what else would work for you!

2. Declining Motivation

Next comes a lack of motivation, this hits towards the end days of a task. Something that we started as a choice, now seems like a duty to finish and we don’t like duties. The pressure of finishing a task snatches away the fun from it, leaving us all but demotivated.

At this time, we need to re-iterate the main reasons to begin a particular task. Plus, a little motivation from outside sources could also prove helpful.

Try talking to your friends, participate in a refreshing activity, or simply watch a couple of motivational videos on Youtube.

Trust me, it helps.

Everyone is different, so, it’s normal if somebody doesn’t find it tougher towards the end, but, don’t try to compare.

These are some of the things that worked for me and I hope they could help you too.

Can’t wait to finish off my 30th article, now.

P.S. Let me know if it helped!



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