Every New Writer Is an Expert in One Field

A new writer writes about her life experiences
Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

When a person begins their writing journey, they often struggle with the topics to write about, I was one of them.

We read various articles to get a solution to this problem but there is one thing that is always common in all of them, which is:

Write about your niche, your expert area.

But what if, we don’t have a niche yet?

Are we not supposed to write about anything we want then?

Would our writing be considered not credible enough?

Well, I refuse to accept this.

Any student, any fresher, any homemaker, or anyone at all, who wants to write, must have the freedom to write about anything they want without having people doubt their work, for its life that makes us an expert in various fields we might not have a written experience in.

So, there’s one topic, everyone is uniquely expert in and that is our life experiences.

I believe, there’s nothing more credible than someone's life experiences. They are unique and real that helps form a strong connection with the readers. It is a proven fact that storytelling is the best form of content sharing which is nothing but sharing one’s life experiences.

It’s rare for people to show their vulnerable sides to the world for there’s the fear of judgment, acceptance, and mockery all around but at the same time, nothing feels more liberating than coming out with your vulnerabilities by writing about your life experiences.

Hence, we do not need years of traditional experience in writing or working because we already have as many years of experience in life as we are alive.

So, I choose, my niche to be my life, would you too?



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