7 Ways Your Personal Brand Can Help Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career

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This is 2021 and building a great resume isn’t enough anymore.

We are curious souls who do not like settling down for one job, one career, or one income stream. We want everything EXTRA.

And, this “EXTRA” requires some extra effort, too.

Building a personal brand is one fine way to achieve that “extra”.

Your personal brand is a way to stand out from the crowd. It is a chance to portray your unique skill set and personality. And social media is the best medium to build a personal brand and showcase it to the world, simultaneously.

Let’s consider the case of digital marketing to see how it works.

Here are my top 7 ways:

  1. To find your first job as a fresher

Being a fresher is the most difficult and crucial phase of a jobseeker’s life. Digital marketing is one of the highest growing fields in the world but that doesn’t make cracking your first job any easier, especially if you want to have it better than the rest.

Unlike other fields, the job market varies drastically in digital marketing. You would find many job openings for freshers but with little growth and opportunities.

One main reason for this is, digital marketing has recently started gaining traction as an un-optional field. Many people still think of it as a “no big deal” job which includes posting on social media, only.

Therefore, it is imperative to find the right opportunity for yourself and such opportunities usually demand several years of work experience. Since you would be a fresher with zero work experience, your resume would be discarded without a glimpse.

At that time, your personal brand would stand out and give you a leeway against your competitors who have several years of work experience.

2. To make money

Money is a decisive factor in choosing your first work opportunity. Whilst most of the jobs in digital marketing would pay you peanuts as a fresher, some would pay you generously. But for that, you would be required to prove your worth.

That is when you would use your personal brand as an example of your unique skill-set. Open up that laptop, show them your growth, your work, your community, and it would convince them exactly why you are worth that hefty pay.

3. To demonstrate expertise

Building a personal brand would require hard work and skills. You might begin as a noob but you would gain experience in multiple things as you grow.

Whilst scaling your brand, you would develop a strong sense of your strengths and weaknesses. This would help you focus more on your shortcomings leading to developing an expertise in multiple streams of digital marketing.

Use this experience to demonstrate your expertise and to choose a niche for yourself.

4. To prove your ability to multitask

Digital marketing is a broad field. Building a personal brand would help you gain first-hand experience with its various facets. This would exhibit your ability to multitask efficiently and drive great results.

5. To show your commitment and diligence

Apart from the digital marketing skillset, building a personal brand requires strong commitment and diligence. Many people begin with the idea of developing a personal brand but give up too soon.

So, if you managed to come a long way in developing your personal brand it would give others a reason to trust you with their work.

6. To have your own loyal community

No matter what you do and where you go, your community would always act as your supporters, lawyers, and promoters. Even if you quit working at a point they would help you bounce back with the same force.

All you need to do is provide them with value, respect, and validation.

7. To get a better vision of your future

Finally, it would help you with the most serious question of our lives — the future. Building a personal brand would open unexpected opportunities to work and connect with people around the globe. This would give you immense exposure, a different perspective, and learning experiences.

All together leading you to introspect your choices regarding digital marketing and beyond.

These are my top 7 points with respect to digital marketing but not limited to them.

Having an impactful personal brand could benefit us in unprecedented ways but only a few portray the commitment and diligence to build one.

Whilst there can be multiple ways of building a personal brand, digital presence is the fastest and the most feasible option in today’s times.

I chose digital marketing as the case in point because building a personal brand and digital marketing have one thing in common — DIGITAL.

But, we must remember that,

anyone in any field could have a personal brand and use it to achieve their goals or to discover opportunities.

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